Meet Heardbeats

Experience the next step in live concerts

Heardbeats is a project that eliminates the physical barriers that currently exist in the industry and brings the live concert experience to any location in real time through virtual reality.

From any
of your devices

You can enjoy the live concerts of your favorite artists from any of your devices or with your virtual reality glasses
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The problem

Towards the end of 2015, 10 million people attempted to purchase tickets for Adele’s 2016 tour. Only 100,000 tickets were available, leaving over 9 million fans (clients willing to pay) unable to attend. This is the primary problem that Heardbeats addresses. Heardbeats is a project that brings the live concert experience to any location in real time through virtual reality, with unlimited tickets for sale at affordable prices.

+ Millions more spectators per concert

Millions more of fans who could not attend the live concert will be able to enjoy it too!

A market of


anually growing

The live music business is a significant multinational industry, employing hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and is estimated to have revenues of more than $28 billion annually. The sector has become increasingly important to the livelihood of artists and musicians in recent years because of the global downturn in the sales of recorded music. Those dwindling sales mean that many artists have come to rely on the revenues they make through their live performances for the mainstay of their income.


The best live concerts through streaming (Pay-per-view – PPV)
The best live streaming experience at an affordable price that will take you to the optimal vantage point from which to watch the show.
On demand concerts at your disposal (Video on Demand – VOD)
Hundreds of live concerts whenever you want. In addition, most of those concerts will later be available in VOD.
Exciting 360° transmission for a totally new experience
If you have a virtual reality device, you will constantly be in the best location at the concert at all times, enjoying a 360° unframed experience.
Exclusive content from your favorite artist
The Heardbeats experience continues with access to sound tests, backstage content, and exclusive interviews with your favorite artist.
Enjoy on many compatible devices
If you don’t have a virtual reality device, you can enjoy the 360º experience in any of your devices.
Live multi-camera to see exactly what you want
All cameras transmitting the concert live in 4K or Full HD will be at your disposal. You can select the camera angle you want.
Interact throughout the concert with other fans
While you enjoy the concert, you can talk to hundreds of fans to share the experience and make it bigger.
Exclusive packages for the complete tour
You can buy special tour packages at exclusive prices that include tickets for each show on the tour and many more surprises.


You will experience your favorite live concerts in a more innovative way with our all new all-in-one VR heardbeats headset. It's adjustable, comfortable, and can even be used while wearing eyeglasses.

Now you can be part of the next step of the live music!